3-Strand Twisted Manila Rope

3-Strand Manila Rope

Manila rope is a natural fiber rope made from fibers of the abaca plant. The primary growing location for these plants is in the Philippines and hence, the name Manila.

For many years, manila has been a popular rope choice because it has low stretch and is resistant to abrasion. The downside to manila rope is its poor chemical resistance and tendency to rot if not properly cared for.

Manila rope should not be confused with sisal rope. Both are natural fiber ropes and similar in color. However, manila is stronger, is darker in color and is treated during the manufacturing process with a preservative type oil. The various manufacturers in the Philippines use different preservative oils.

We often get calls asking if manila rope can be used for bird toy rope and to this, we say no. Sisal or cotton rope is not typically treated with a preservative and would be a better choice for this application.

The manila rope E-Rigging offers comes in coils and not on reels.

See our Rope Knowledge Base for more information.

Diameter Length Minimum Breaking Load Weight
1/4" 600 ft 540 lbs 12 lbs
3/8" 600 ft 1215 lbs 22 lbs
1/2" 600 ft 2385 lbs 45 lbs
5/8" 600 ft 3960 lbs 70 lbs
3/4" 600 ft 4860 lbs 90 lbs
1" 600 ft 8100 lbs 165 lbs
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