Lever Hoists

Tyler Tool

0.25 ton - 3 ton Rated Capacity

Tyler Tool Lever Hoist
Tyler Tool Lever Hoist Diagram

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

ModelRated Capacity
t (lbs)
Lift ft (m)Force Required to Lift Rated Capacity (lbs)No. of Chain FallsLoad Chain Diameter (mm)HABCDLWeight (lbs)
LH-025-030.25t (551 lbs)3 ft (1 m)N/A13.27.873.582.323.181.255.713.30
LH-050-050.5t (1102 lbs)5 ft (1.5 m)N/A14.09.843.972.483.621.336.305.51
LH-075-100.75t (1653 lbs)10 ft (3 m)5116.311.925.902.165.031.251014.55
LH-075-200.75t (1653 lbs)20 ft (6.1 m)5116.311.925.902.165.031.251014.55
LH-150-101.5t (3306 lbs)10 ft (3 m)6617.114.376.492.515.861.4114.4024.25
LH-150-201.5t (3306 lbs)20 ft (6.1 m)6617.114.376.492.515.861.4114.4024.25
LH-300-103t (6613 lbs)10 ft (3 m)9319.019.097.673.347.161.8114.4037.48
LH-300-203t (6613 lbs)20 ft (6.1 m)9319.019.097.673.347.161.8114.4037.48