Geared Beam Trolleys

Tyler Tool

0.5 ton - 5 ton Rated Capacity

Tyler Tool Geared Beam Trolley
Tyler Tool Geared Beam Trolley Diagram

Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

ModelRated Capacity
t (lbs)
Standard Speed (m)Chain Pull to Lift Full Load (lbs)Through the Smallest Bend Radius (m)A1A2BCDEMin Beam WidthMax Beam WidthWeight (lbs)
GT-0500.5t (1102 lbs)380.97.7911.026.927.
GT-1001t (2204 lbs)310110.1112.558.
GT-2002t (4409 lbs)3181.110.6213.168.898.974.922.043.145.3130.888
GT-3003t (6613 lbs)3261.313.1116.4610.7911.816.542.763.466.5331.02
GT-5005t (11023 lbs)3401.414.7617.5611.8913.397.4828.154.887.6379.7
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