3/8" x 63' Grade 30, Hot Dip Galvanized Proof Coil Chain

Part No.: 31311082
3/8" x 63' Hot Dipped Galvanized, Grade 30, Proof Coil Chain. Pail, Imported, Working Load Limit: 2650 lbs
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
Weight: 1.43 lbs per foot. Package Weight: 90.09 lbs
Working Load Limit (WLL): 2650 lbs
Size:3/8 inches
Length:63 ft
Wire Size (A):0.39 inches
Inside Length (B):1.37 inches
Inside Width (C):0.55 inches
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3/8" nominal diameter, Grade 30 proof coil chain. Hot Dip Galvanized finish. 63' Pail. A general utility chain for farm, industrial and home applications such as log chain, cargo lashing, pipeline hanging, tailgate, guard rail, tow and switch chain. Design factor of 4:1. Imported. Working load limit: 2650 lbs. Not To Be Used For Overhead Lifting. Inside width of link is: 0.55". Inside length of link is: 1.37". Weight per foot: 1.43 lbs. Accessories for these chains are Quick Links, Connecting Links and Lap Repair Links.

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