1/4" Rope x 1" Sheave Stainless Steel Double Sheave Swivel Eye Block With Loop

Part No.: 51647205
1 inch diameter sheave, Type 304 Stainless Steel Double Sheave Swivel Eye Block With Loop for 1/4 inch Rope. Working Load Limit: 550 lbs
Material Type 304 Stainless Steel
Weight 0.46 lb
Working Load Limit (WLL) 550 lbs
Size1/4 inches
Sheave Diameter (A):1 inches
Rope Size (B):1/4 inches
Sheave Pin Diameter (C):5/16 inches
Sheave Width (D):11/16 inches
Eye Width (E):0.58 inches
Overall Length (L):4 inches
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Type 304 stainless steel swivel eye block with bottom loop, double sheave. 1" sheave diameter for use with 1/4" soft rope. Not to be used with wire rope or cable. Sheave is fitted with a bronze bushing. Working load limit: 550 lbs. Weight: 0.46 lb. Ultimate block strength is 4 times the working load limit.

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