Go home with all of your teeth when using our Peerless Safety Release Lever Load Binders.

Read More or watch our video to learn about the Safety Release Lever Load Binder and how to safely operate it.

Unique Safety Release Design

The Safety Release Lever Load Binder features a unique design.

Unique Safety Release Design

The binders body independently rotates free of the handle allowing the user to easily and safely release the load, unlike traditional lever binders which can kickback violently when released under tension.

General Specs

The Safety Release Lever Binder has a yellow powder-coated finish and drop-forged hooks which have size and grade markings forged into the hook.

Specs Sheet

Its working load limit of 5,400lbs is marked on the handle.

The binder is available to fit chain sizes 5/16 to 3/8 in both Grade 43 and Grade 70 chain.


Before operating, be sure to check and follow your equipments manual and all transportation regulations for the jurisdictions for which you'll be traveling. Check out the Federal Drivers Handbook for Cargo Securement to ensure your cargo is secured correctly for transport.

Federal Drivers Handbook for Cargo Securement

Attaching Binder

To begin operation, open the lever binder and attach the binder to the binding chain while taking up as much slack as possible.

Attaching Binder to Chain

With your arms fully extended, use two hands to grab the top of the binder handle and pull the handle backwards until it has been completely closed and sets into place.

Attaching Binder to Chain

This process may need to be repeated if the chain is not at the desired tension.

Wrap any remaining chain around the binder handle and secure the loose end with a zip tie.

Attaching Binder

Removing Binder

Slowly pull upwards on the binder handle until the tension has been released, and then remove the binder from the chain.

Releasing Binder

For a full video with more information on proper load binding techniques, please Click Here.

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