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  1. What is the safe operating temperature of hoist rings?
    • -> 20F to 400F for alloy steel and 800F maximum operating temperature for stainless steel.
  2. Can hoist rings be used for fall protection?
    • -> Yes. Typically a 10:1 factor of safety is required but make sure you refer to your local and state safety and fall protection regulations regarding capacity requirements.
  3. How frequently do I need to inspect Hoist Rings?
    • -> It depends on the application. Refer to ASME B30.26-Rigging Hardware, for reference.
  4. How many times can I torque the bolt before I need to replace it?
    • -> These hoist rings do not require enough torque to cause any permanent deformation.
  5. What happens if I shock load the unit?
    • -> Any unit that is shock loaded must be taken out of service as this may have caused permanent damage and must be inspected by qualified inspector to determine if it should be replaced or can be reused.
  6. Does the rated load have a design factor?
    • -> Yes, 5:1. Meaning that the product will destruct at 5 times the WLL (Working Load Limit).
  7. Is the rated load in all directions?
    • -> Yes. Hoist rings retain its working load limit capacity from 0-90 degrees.
  8. Can I put a spacer underneath the hoist ring?
    • -> No.
  9. What is the material of the hoist rings?
    • -> 4140 Alloy Steel or 300 Series Stainless Steel
  10. How many times can I use a Hoist Ring until I need to replace it?
    • -> This depends on the severity of use. However they are tested and designed to meet 20,000 cycles under normal operating conditions.
  11. Does your product come with a certificate of compliance?
    • -> A standard certificate of compliance can be added upon request. Our standard certificate specifies the material properties, design factor, inspection and industry standards and is available on the product page. If there are any special inspection or testing requirements you must specify what type of certificate you’re looking for.
  12. Does each hoist ring get proof tested?
    • -> Each hoist ring with a Working Load Limit less than 30,000 lbs is proof tested to 200% of its WLL, and it is held for 3 seconds. Stainless Steel hoist rings are proof load tested to 150% of their WLL, and it is held for 3 seconds. Each proof tested hoist ring is tagged with the certificate of proof test on the units attached product label.
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