We've employed TeamViewer remote access software to allow us to help customers most in need of technical assistance.
This software will allow us to temporarily see your screen and help us guide you through your project.

Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1

Download Software

Step 2

Install Software

Double click and install the downloaded file

Step 3

Tell the Support Technician the ID and Password to connect

The following security features are included for the QuickSupport and QuickJoin modules:

No permanent installation

It is merely an executable file. After exiting or deleting this file, TeamViewer can no longer be started.

Access ends as soon as the program is closed

As soon as you close the application, it is no longer possible to connect to your computer.

All actions are visible to the user

It is not possible to establish a hidden connection. A session information window is always displayed at the bottom right edge of the monitor during a TeamViewer session.

No hidden file transfer in the background

If files are being copied, an additional dialog window always opens at the customer side in the center of the monitor and indicates which files are being transferred.

User who is sitting in front of the computer has priority

The user sitting directly in front of the computer has always priority over remote control.