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5/16" Aluminum Sleeve (Bag Qty. of 50)

Part No.: 62123071
5/16 in. aluminum duplex sleeves. Bag quantity of 50.
Material Aluminum
Weight 2.00 lb
Size5/16 inches
Width (A):0.687 inches
Height (B):1.031 inches
Inside Width (C):0.375 inches
Length (D):1.25 inches
After Swage:0.735 inches
Crimps Per Sleeve:5
Swager Cavity Size:5/16 inches
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5/16 in. aluminum duplex sleeves, sometimes called hourglass sleeves, or oval sleeves. Max After Swage Dimension: 0.735 in. Bag quantity of 50.

If properly swaged the termination efficiency for the aluminum sleeve will be 90%.

Aluminum sleeves are not recommended when using stainless steel cable, use Zinc Plated Copper Sleeves instead.

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