Double Braided Polyester Rope

Double Braid Polyester Rope
Double Braided Polyester Rope is high strength, low stretch, torque free, excellent wet/dry abrasion resistant and wet/dry strength. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals. Obtains the best weathering characteristics of all popular fibers. Polyester stretches less than nylon, so it does not have the elasticity of shock absorbing qualities that nylon does. It is very popular as a marine or industrial rope where stretch is not desired. 3/4 inch size can be spliced using the Double Braid Class 1 Method.

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Diameter Length Minimum Breaking Load Weight
1/4" 600 ft 1035 lbs 12 lbs
3/8" 600 ft 4275 lbs 27 lbs
1/2" 600 ft 7425 lbs 48 lbs
5/8" 600 ft 11250 lbs 75 lbs
3/4" 600 ft 16000 lbs 108 lbs

*Rope tracer color may vary

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