To Our Valued Customers:

With the exception of a couple of scares, our staff has thus far avoided Covid-19. Despite this good fortune, a number of customers have experienced poorer customer service from us than what we had consistently provided for the past 16 years. Though it was not a problem initially, products we had on order were slower coming in than usual and we’ve had a much higher sales volume which is wonderful in one way, but not so good in another way and that is providing reliable ship dates and information.

The higher volume of orders and backorders essentially overwhelmed our staff and how effectively and quickly we’ve been able to reply. This has troubled us greatly and created a good deal of stress. For those who have recently had a negative experience, please accept our apology.

In an effort to remedy this, we have restructured the way we provide customer service and will now steer customers in the direction of the Customer Service page which will guide you through a process that will get you answers and help the best and fastest way possible.

Thanks for your business,
Mike Hall
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