Be sure to check and understand your working load limits before attempting a lift. Not only could your rigging fail, you might exceed the lifting capacity of your crane!
Crane Lifting Capacity
*The lifts after the 5th panel are photoshopped. The large marines cranes didn't come to save them either, they are added for comedic effect.

As you can see, a crane was hired to pick a car up out of the water. It didn't have the capacity and fell in too. Then another crane truck had to come to lift both the crane and the car from the water. It would have been interesting to see the series of events that led to bringing in Heerema's Thialf to lift up the crane trucks, and the Versabar VB 10,000's Claw to pick up the sunken Thialf. 

Click to learn more about the giant cranes you see in the last two pictures, Heerema's Thialf and Versabar's VB-10,000 with Claw.


Geriatric Doorgunner

Date 1/8/2017

Probably the smaller cranes were a nickle an hour cheaper than the bigger. No doubt an engineer's opinion on what would be big enough for the lift. "We don't need one that big!" Never time to do it right, but always time to do it again. Hope there was no loss of life in any of these debacles.

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