Use With Tool Part Number: 91608000 - HAAS Cable Railing Swager for 3/16" Fittings
Step 1
Insert the conventional swage fitting’s into the properly sized swage cavity on the swager. So that the swager is positioned in the middle of the swage area of the fitting.

Step 2
Swage the fitting until the handles of the swager are completely closed.
Step 3
Rotate the fitting 90 degrees and swage the fitting again in the same area
Step 4
Position the swage fitting in the 2nd swage position and repeat steps 2 & 3.
Step 5
Your fitting should look like this ( 3/16” Conventional Swage Stud Shown)
Properly swaged 3/16” conventional swage fittings are designed to achieve a 2400 lbs pullout load when properly swaged onto 1x19 Stainless Cable. WE DO NOT WARRANT USE OF THESE FITTINGS FOR STANDING RIGGING OR OTHER HIGH LOAD APPLICATIONS.