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Installing Turnbuckles

Unscrew End Fittings of the Turnbuckle
Unscrew Turnbuckle Ends
Unscrew the end fittings of the turnbuckle so that they are both fully extended. This can easily be done by unscrewing each end fitting one at a time until they are both equally extended.

Attaching Fittings for Jaw and Eye Turnbuckle

Jaw End
Attaching Fitting to Jaw End Turnbuckle
Unscrew the bolt from the jaw.
Insert the jaw over the eyebolt.
Then, insert the bolt back into the turnbuckle and fasten it tightly.

Eye End
Attaching Fitting to Eye End Turnbuckle
Insert the eye into the opened shackle.
Close the shackle so that the eye is locked into place.

Tensioning by HandTensioning with a ScrewdriverTensioning with a Wrench
To tighten the turnbuckle, you can either use your hand, a screw driver, or a wrench to turn the body. Make sure to stop the end fittings from spinning with the turnbuckle body. This will prevent the screws from screwing in unequally. Tighten until your rigging assembly is tensioned to the desired point needed for your application.

Locking and Application Considerations
Locking Turnbuckle Ends
If your application will expose the turnbuckle to vibration, it is good practice to lock the end fittings from turning by using lock wire. This will prevent unwanted loosening over time.
Your turnbuckle may also be equipped with lock jam nuts to prevent loosening.
Locking Turnbuckle Ends
These can be used in non-critical applications, but are not recommended for critical applications as they put extra strain on the threads.

Pipe Turnbuckles
Pipe Turnbuckle Tensioning
For pipe style turnbuckles, a small screw driver or other small diameter type rod can be used to tighten the turnbuckle. Insert it into the hole in the body of the turnbuckle and turn to the desired tension.

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