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LTL Freight Terminal, 1200 - 1499 lbs: Step 2 of 2

Part No.: F2004000

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About Lift Gate Service
  • Select this option if you do not have a forklift or other equipment to handle palletized (skid) loads; OR do not have a dock height loading area.
  • Due to safety, weight and time considerations, you are not allowed to unload the pallets (skid) by hand, or break down the pallets (skid) to unload by hand.
  • If it determined by the driver that a lift gate is required and you stated you did not need the lift gate option, a lift gate fee and a re-delivery fee may be applied.
  • Liftgate deliveries may delay delivery by 1-2 business days in some areas.
About Inside Delivery
  • Select this option if you require, and the carrier’s operating conditions permit, the freight courier to move shipments or portions of shipments to positions beyond the immediately adjacent unloading positions.
  • Typically, the freight courier will unload and place the shipment immediately adjacent to the vehicle if inside delivery is not selected.
About Delivery Appointments
  • Select this option if you require a delivery appointment, and are not located at a residence.
  • Delivery appointments to schedule the time and day are included in residential deliveries.
  • The freight courier will call you prior to attempting delivery to schedule delivery.
  • Be sure to leave a good contact phone number during checkout in order for the carrier to contact you.
About Straight Truck Service
  • Select this option if your location can only be accessed with a "Straight Truck" opposed to a commercial truck & trailer (18-Wheeler).
  • This option is no additional cost for Residential deliveries.
  • If you are a commercial location, and require a "Straight Truck", your delivery location must be classified as "Limited Access"
Flat Rate LTL Freight applies to continental US only.

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