SCC Cable Pullers

  • Notch at a Time Let Down Feature - Allows the user to safely control lowering the load.
  • Freewheel - Allows the user to disengage the pawls to feed out line quickly.
  • All Steel Construction - Made from heavy gauge flat stock steel.
  • Drop Forged Hooks - With spring latches.
  • Heavy Duty Aircraft Cable - 6' length.
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet and Pawl - Made from three steel plates for strength and long life.
  • Rubber Hand Grip - For maximum comfort.
  • Rust Resistant - All parts are plated or painted to prevent rust.
Warning: Not designed for overhead lifting. Read's cable puller safety information before use.

Cable Puller General Warnings

Failure to understand and follow these warnings and instructions could result in property damage, serious personal injury or loss of life. Use of this product demonstrates an understanding of these warnings / instructions and the risks involved. Below is a list of general warnings.

  • DO NOT EXCEED RATED CAPACITY for pulling or lifting.
  • Do not use for overhead lifting. Do not lift any material above shoulder height. Keep all persons clear of load while suspended. Never allow persons beneath a suspended load.
  • Cable pullers are not designed for cargo tie down or load measurement. They are not approved for use as such by any government agency.
  • Inspect puller and its components prior to each use. Do not use if any part of the cable puller is visually damaged.
  • Never use handle extensions (cheater bars).
  • Do not use puller around sharp corners as this may damage the cable, greatly reducing strength.
  • Never load the hooks on the tips of the hook.
  • Do not use if the cable is kinked or knotted.