7 x 19 Galvanized Cable

7x19 Galvanized Cable
7x19 Galvanized Cable Cross Section7x19 Galvanized Cable Side View
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Corrosion Resistance: 2/5 Stars
Flexibility: 5/5 Stars
Strength: 5/5 Stars
Ductility & Fatigue Resistance: 5/5 Stars

Conforms to U.S. Federal Specification  RR-W-410H

Commonly used on small diameter pulleys, running rigging on sailboats, exercise equipment, winches and control cables. 7x19 is the best all around cable for most applications.

Zinc (galvanized) coated steel cable is the most common type of cable. It offers moderate corrosion resistance, and remains ductile over long periods when running over sheaves. Galvanized cable is stronger than stainless steel cable.

For more information, see E-Rigging.com's Wire Rope & Cable Knowledge Base.
Cable Diameter Breaking Strength Working Load Limit (5:1) Design Factor
3/32" 1,000 lbs 200 lbs
1/8" 2,000 lbs 400 lbs
3/16" 4,200 lbs 840 lbs
1/4" 7,000 lbs 1,400 lbs
5/16" 9,800 lbs 1,960 lbs
3/8" 14,400 lbs 2,880 lbs
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