3-Strand Twisted Yellow Polypropylene Rope

3-Strand Yellow Polypropylene Rope
Because of its low cost and utility as a general purpose rope, polypropylene is perhaps the most popular ropes on the market today.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic and for making rope, it is drawn into smaller diameter fibers that are twisted into strands and those strands twisted into rope. The polypropylene rope E-Rigging offers is made from monofilament type fibers – not to be confused with thin film type fibers.

This type rope has good abrasion and UV resistance, good strength and stretches very little. It also will not rot or mildew and is resistant to most common chemicals. But perhaps one of the most distinguishing qualities of polypropylene rope is that it floats. This fact makes it popular for pool ropes, crab ropes and many other marine applications.

See our Rope Knowledge Base for more information.
Diameter Length Minimum Breaking Load Weight
1/4" 600 ft 1125 lbs 7.20 lbs
5/16" 600 ft 1710 lbs 10.80 lbs
3/8" 600 ft 2430 lbs 16.80 lbs
1/2" 600 ft 3780 lbs 28.20 lbs
5/8" 600 ft 5580 lbs 45.00 lbs
3/4" 600 ft 7650 lbs 64.20 lbs
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