3/16' Lag Swage Turnbuckle

3/16" Lag Swage Turnbuckle

Part No.: HSA12502-001

This product is a part of the HAAS Stainless Revo Cable Rail System

Create a sturdy cable railing system that provides completely exposed views with a minimally intrusive turnbuckle design. The 3/16" Lag Swage Turnbuckle Assembly is a tensioning fitting assembly for face mount applications using 3/16" 1 x 19 Cable. With 3" of available take-up, use this fitting to tighten up straight cable runs up to 100’ long, and runs with a single angle up to 50’ long. Or do whatever you want, just don’t blame it on HAAS (see what we did there)!

This rock star assembly includes a turnbuckle swage stud, turnbuckle body, turnbuckle threaded stud, turnbuckle lag receiver cap, lag receiver and a bag of chips (DISCLAIMER: this does NOT come with a bag of chips). Intended to be used in conjunction with either an end stop fitting or another tensioning fitting. Great for indoor and outdoor applications using wood posts in scenarios that have access to the front side of the post only. Lost as last year’s Easter egg? Be sure to check out our guide for some help.

This product must be swaged with the Tyler Tool HAAS Swager.

Weight 0.16 lbs
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