3/16" Line x 1" Diameter Swivel Eye Single Pulley

Part No.: 92660101
1" Sheave, Zinc Plated Swivel Eye Single Pulley. Use With 3/16" Cable or Rope. Brand: Peerless. Manufacturer Part Number: 4411540
Material: Zinc Plated Cast Steel
Weight: 0.13 lbs
Size:3/16 inches
Pitch Diameter (A):0.758 inches
Sheave Diameter (B):0.919 inches
Sheave Outside Width (C):3/16 inches
Outside Eye Diameter (D):0.767 inches
Inside Eye Diameter (E):0.477 inches
Overall Length (F):2.313 inches
Block Body Length (G):1.512 inches
Block Body Width (H):1.007 inches
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Zinc plated swivel eye pulley with a single sheave designed for use with 3/16" soft rope. Weight: 0.13 lb. These pulleys have no load rating so they should not be used for overhead lifting.

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