1/8" Transition Wood Post Protector - 50 pk

Part No.: HSC12201-050

Create a robust cable railing system that provides exposed views while only exposing a nearly flush fitting head. The 1/8" Transition Wood Post Protector is a hole finishing fitting for 1/8" 1 x 19 Cable runs that angle away from the horizontally drilled hole in a post. Use this fitting to cleanly finish drilled holes on intermediate posts that transition to angles or corners, or to cap the drilled hole opposite of through post swage stud assemblies and swage stops. Recommended for exit angles up to 45 degrees while still providing a smooth radiused bearing area for the cable to ensure long life and reduce kinking. *Takes a deep breath* Still with us?

Often used in conjunction with another wood post protector, a swage stop, or swage stud assembly. Other types of post protectors are straight wood post protectors for straight runs, and angled post protectors for angled intermediate post runs. Great for indoor and outdoor applications using wood, or thick composite posts in post scenarios that have access to both sides of the post. Get your DIY on and be sure to check out our guide.

Installation Note: When measuring a cable run whne a transition stud will be adjcent to a swage stud, add between 1/4" and 3/8" to the cable run length before swaging to the swage stud.

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