1/8' Straight Wood Post Protector

1/8" Straight Wood Post Protector

Part No.: HSC12101-001

This product is a part of the HAAS Stainless Revo Cable Rail System

AMAZING, right? We can’t contain our excitement either. The 1/8" Straight Wood Post Protector is a hole finishing fitting for 1/8" 1 x 19 Cable runs that extend straight out of the post parallel with the drilled hole and the ground. Use this fitting to cleanly finish drilled holes on intermediate posts, or to cap the drilled hole opposite of through post swage stud assemblies and swage stops. Or do whatever you want, no one is stopping you!

Often used in conjunction with another wood post protector, a swage stop, or swage stud assembly. Other types of post protectors are transition wood post protectors for straight runs transitioning to an angled run, and angled post protectors for angled intermediate post runs. Great for indoor and outdoor applications using wood, or thick composite posts in scenarios that have access to both sides of the post. If you’re still reading this, kudos to you. Gold star!

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