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3/8" Aluminum Sleeve (Bag Qty. of 20)

Part Number:62123081
3/8" Aluminum Sleeve (Bag Qty. of 20)


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3/8 in. aluminum duplex sleeves. Max After Swage Dimension: 0.802 in. Bag quantity of 20.

If properly swaged the termination efficiency for the aluminum sleeve will be 90%.

Aluminum sleeves are not recommended when using stainless steel cable, use Zinc Plated Copper Sleeves instead.

Swaging Instructions

  1. Before using this tool, examine and ensure that the bolt and nut of the swager are tight.
  2. Cut cable to the required length and lace the cable through the sleeve so that the end will still protrude after crimping.
    Hit Tools Swaging Instructions
  3. Properly insert sleeve into he correct cavity and line up the sleeve between the swager jaws with the long axis perpendicular to the jaws.
    Cable Crimping Instructions
  4. Swaging Sleeves
    1. Swage each sleeve with the correct number of swages listed in the in the table below following the swage sequence shown below.
      Wire Rope Crimp Instructions
      Cable DiameterSwages Per Oval Sleeve
      1/4"3 or 4
      5/16"3 or 4
      3/83 or 4
    2. Lap splices can be made by 2 oval sleeves. Keep a short space between the sleeves.
      Cable Lap Splice Instuctions
    3. A stopper can be made by crimping a button stop sleeve.
      Cable Button Stop Swaging Instructions
  5. Check a crimped sleeve with the gauge. If the presses portion won't go into the gauge freely, press the sleeve completely again.
    Cable Crimping Gauge Instructions


1.20 lb

Width (A):

0.75 inches

Height (B):

1.156 inches

Inside Width (C):

0.438 inches

Length (D):

1.4375 inches

After Swage:

0.802 inches

Crimps Per Sleeve:

3 or 4

Swager Cavity Size:

3/8 inches

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