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Cotton Cord

Braided Cotton Cord

3/16" - 1/2" Diameter

This cord has an interlocking solid braid construction, a durable composite cotton cover, and is polished with a weather resistant coating. It also has a synthetic reinforcing core. Hanks are 100' connected and shrink wrapped.

Cotton rope is naturally soft, easy to work with, braids well and is very popular in the livestock industry. It is commonly used for halter and lead ropes. Cotton rope will not induce a rope burn as quickly as nylon and polypropylene rope. Cotton is a natural fiber, typically white in color.

See our Rope Comparison Chart for more information.

Diameter Length Minimum Breaking Load Weight
3/16" 100 ft 750 lbs 1.10 lbs
1/4" 100 ft 600 lbs 2.00 lbs
1/4" 1200 ft 600 lbs 18.00 lbs
5/16" 100 ft 1800 lbs 3.60 lbs
5/16" 600 ft 1800 lbs 10.00 lbs
3/8" 100 ft 2200 lbs 4.60 lbs
3/8" 600 ft 2200 lbs 15.00 lbs
1/2" 100 ft 3700 lbs 3.00 lbs
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